Squire are the only independent family owned lock makers in the UK. Trading since 1780, they offer unrivalled experience in lock making and now offer some of the most innovative new lock designs in the market. Squire recognises the market wants new and better solutions to security problems. With their considerable expertise in the security market and their determination to meet customers' needs, Squire has a proud record of producing products that are innovative and unique in design. Many of thier recent product developments are protected by patents and offer solutions that are not available elsewhere.

Parker Merchanting offers Squire products in three categories, Padlocks, Chains & Security Cables and Hasps & Staples. Use the below links to view the products in each category.

 Squire Padlocks   Squire Chains & Security   Squire Hasps & Staples

If you need any help or advice, our National Sales Centre is here to answer any questions and you can contact them on 0330 045 0200.