Established in 1979 in Worcestershire, Praybourne design and deliver an extensive collection of high performance apparel.

They have been building brand reputation and awareness throughout the UK and proving the point to customers that quality, durability, consistency and performance will always provide better value for money.

Their global manufacturing partners are carefully chosen to construct their garments to Praybournes exacting standards, giving the customer the confidence that when you select a Praybourne product, be it Pulsar®, Pulsarail® or Xcelcius® branded, you can be guaranteed it will perform how you expect it to.

Parker Merchanting offers a wide range of Praybourne products from their three brands, please use the below link to view the products.

Praybourne Pulsar High Visibility Clothing

Praybourne Pulsarail Rail High Visibility & High Visibility Clothing

Praybourne Xcelcius Food & Hazard Protection Clothing

If you need any help or advice, our National Sales Centre is here to answer any questions and you can contact them on 0330 045 0200.