Polyco is the UK’s market leader in designing, developing and supplying high quality hand protection to the industrial, consumer and medical sectors, and is now one of Europe’s leading glove companies. Polyco’s underlying success is based on the simple principal of continuous improvement including innovation, quality and service.
Our commitment is to find cost-effective solutions to our customers’ hand protection needs. The ultimate glove solution provides “Enhanced Manual Dexterity”, the ability to work better, faster and safer with our gloves than without. With a specialist range of hand protection we are able to offer a truly comprehensive selection of gloves.
Parker Merchanting offers Polyco gloves that fall into twelve categories, Chemical Handling, Cut Resistant, Disposable Gloves, General Handling Latex, General Handling Nitrile, General Handling PU, General Handling PVC, Hot & Cold Handling, Lightweight Handling, Puncture Resistant, Safety Glove Systems and Specialists Gloves. Use the below links to view the products in each category.

Polyco Chemical Handling Gloves   Polyco Cut Resistant Gloves   Polyco Disposable Gloves

Polyco General Handling Latex Gloves   Polyco General Handling Nitrile Gloves   Polyco General Handling PU Gloves

Polyco General Handling PVC Gloves   Polyco Hot & Cold Handling Gloves   Polyco Lightweight Handling Gloves

Polyco Puncture Resistant Gloves   Polyco Safety Glove System   Polyco Specialist Gloves

If you need any help or advice, our National Sales Centre is here to answer any questions and you can contact them on 0330 045 0200.