Our mission is to improve safety at construction sites, street works and in the event industry. We provide high quality innovative solutions to safety and are experts in the use of specialist materials.
We are a privately owned company that was founded in 1985. We have continued to develop and expand, creating industry leading products that meet the changing needs of customers and new regulations. We are well established in the UK and distribute to over 20 countries.
Oxford Plastic Systems is committed to its environmental responsibilities and 75% of our products are made from recycled materials and 100% are recyclable.
Parker Merchanting offers JSP products in nine categories, Barrier Systems, Traffic Management, Site Equipment, Head Protection, Eye & Face Protection, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Fall Arrest and Kneepads. Use the below links to view the products in each category.

Oxford Plastics Trench Covers   Oxford Plastics Traffic Separators   Oxford Plastics Traffic Cones

Oxford Plastics Temporary Matting   Oxford Plastics Road Signs   Oxford Plastics Road Plates

Oxford Plastics Pedestrian Barriers   Oxford Plastics Janitorial & Hygiene   Oxford Plastics Gate & Expanding Barriers

If you need any help or advice, our National Sales Centre is here to answer any questions and you can contact them on 0330 045 0200.