Bollé have been creating innovative protective eyewear since 1888 by designing glasses and goggles people want to wear. Bollé has become one of the leading brands for protective eyewear which is worn throughout the world. With over 120 years of expertise and a stable and customer focused team Bollé deliver 350 product references every model having a quality certificate, issued by independent laboratories and respecting the current standards. With 4 to 5 new product innovations per year Bollé strives to keep the innovations rolling with ground breaking technology in the world of lenses such as the new Platinum anti-scratch anti-fog K&N coating for 2015.
Parker Merchanting offers Bollé products in three categories, Safety Spectacles, Goggles and Safety Spectacles Accessories. Use the below links to view the products in each category.

 Bole Safety Spectacles   Bole Safety Goggles   Bole Spectacles Accessories

If you need any help or advice, our National Sales Centre is here to answer any questions and you can contact them on 0330 045 0200.